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HR & Payroll

We strongly believe that the human resources are the most important asset of an organization. To this extent our approach to Payroll gets intertwined to the demands of the employees and the organisation

  1. Keep proper personnel files for each employee
  2. Pay employees and issue monthly pay slips
  3. Assist in Administering Employee Benefits like Provident Fund.
  4. Calculate and Remit Payroll Taxes to the proper Income tax authorities.
  5. Provide advice to Corporate Finance Department as needed.
  6. Personnel recruitment and selection.
  7. Restructuring Executive Compensation Packages to make it tax efficient
  8. To register under Professional Tax Act and to deduct Professional Tax and remit to the government. To file monthly and annual returns as required
  9. Preparation of Employee Hand Book or policies which would detail the compensation plans, Travel, Leave etc
  10. Benefits Administration eg PF
  11. ESOP's preparation and implementation as per RBI and SEBI guidelines
  12. To coordinate with Insurance companies for employees

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