About Shreya
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About Shreya

Shreya has offices in Chennai and Bangalore, India with affiliations in other parts of India. Our group has been in business since 2000 and our current headcount is approaching 50 people.

We hire talented people eager to be part of a team to implement big ideas. We work hard to serve our customers and to grow professionally. We focus on deep industry experience, which allows us to better serve our customers.

Guiding Principles

We take fulfillment of our commitments very seriously. We believe that in so doing we act with integrity. We also believe that it is the most significant basis of building an enduring and mutually beneficial association.

We endeavor to be responsive to our customers and understand responsiveness to be not just timely delivery but being available to address queries, issues and concerns of customers as quickly as they arise.

Shreya believes that its service quality and delivery is enhanced by investment in deep and transparent relationships with its customers built on mutuality of interest and well being.

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