Shreya Consultancy is a leader in providing incorporation and incubation solutions, accounting, payroll and business advisory services to growth oriented, entrepreneurial companies and their owners. We are well set to serve US companies with satellite offices in India as well as to provide BPO-Accounting (i.e. Business Process Outsourcing) services from India. We have made significant infrastructure investments to help our customers succeed. We boast leading edge communication technologies and web-based remote extranet access technologies to enable our customers securely get to know, what they need to know, when they need to know.

What you need?

What we do?

Shreya will emerge as world's most respected integrated accounting service provider with values anchored in dignity, diversity and growth.

We value our customers' time and continuously strive to innovate and offer services, improve our methods, processes and communication in a way that it releases valuable executive time of customers' personnel.

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